Solo Dance Classes

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​Solo Charleston & Vintage Jazz

Learn to dance the iconic movements of the 1920's known as Charleston! During our courses we will look at the different styles of Charleston over the 1920's, 30's & 40's, adding some vernacular/vintage Jazz movements and a little bit of history along the way.

Each week we will learn a piece of a routine, focusing on both technique and how to dance each movement.  Every piece of choreography is led by the song to make sure we are looking and musicality and lyricality, however, our classes are anything but serious, we are there to have fun and learn to dance!  Dancers of all (or no) experience are welcome!

Vintage Burlesque

Based on Vintage Jazz, Blues, some Charleston and with cabaret influences, Vintage Burlesque encapsulated the femininity of the 1920s, 30's and 40's. Burlesque was originally a variety show, with song and dance numbers that were provocative and comedic, a little silly here and there.

Pussy Cat Dolls we are not, we won't be gyrating or getting familiar with the floor, so do not worry if Modern Burlesque is not your thing..... Vintage Burlesque is a lot more gentle and based solely on fun and learning a new dance style!

Charleston Fit

A 45 minute dance fitness class - suitable for those who have danced Charleston before and those new to the style.

We dance a mix of swing based fitness routines and Solo Charleston dance routines.  Its a great way to get moving, as well as an opportunity to dance past routines.